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ICAN’s Approach to Advertising

We know everyone’s advertising needs are different; therefore, we approach each business with individual advertising plans to maximize your reach.

  • TV


  • Digital


Don’t be fooled by all of the products and services we offer. Yes, they are fantastic, but our team makes it happen. Know what you want? Just tell us and we’ll get to work. If you are not so sure, that’s ok, we understand. Actually, this is where we shine. We can help navigate the myriad of choices in the marketplace and help you strategize a plan. We want you to get the best bang for your buck with Effective, Affordable Advertising.

Implement a Full Marketing Funnel Strategy (FMFS) by pairing digital tactics with your TV Campaign. It can drive huge impact!

TV Advertising jump-starts online conversations, exploration, and viewing all centered on your organization. TV leads to increased searches, social actions and non-paid online video views your TV Commercial. We can help you determine and implement which tactics make sense for your business.


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How do I create a memorable commercial, without being corny?

Isn’t it expensive to produce a TV commercial?

Where do I even start?

Our video production team can take you from concept, through scripting, into pre-production, shooting, and post-production to deliver a commercial campaign you are proud of, all without breaking the bank. We work with you, to learn about your business and brand YOUR business to reach YOUR customers.


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