For Cable Operators


Successfully operating a telecommunications company is critical to you and your community. That’s why many operators enhance their business by working with ICAN. ICAN offers a full slate of local advertising insertion services from complete management to customized solutions that meet YOUR Company’s objectives.

Our company works hard to help your local businesses increase their success by advertising on your TV and Broadband system.

New to ad insertion? We can launch a system for you from scratch. Currently have ad insertion but what to see more out of it? We have taken over for third party vendors, and taken on O&O operations.

In EVERY case we have increased revenue in the first year.

We work hard to make your success our success. Our staff focuses on your local community to bring the power of TV Advertising to home.

If you’re currently evaluating your advertising revenue, or need technical options, let’s talk and see if it’s a good fit.

What's it like to work with us?