IP Targeting

Internet advertising to specific households.

IP Targeting focuses internet advertising to consumers based on their Internet Protocol (IP) address. Your IP address is the digital version of your physical address.


Data Rich Define audiences with over 14,000 consumer and business variables.

Extensive Reach Reach over 250 million individuals and over 18 million businesses in the U.S. and Canada

IP Targeted Isolating your target audience on a granular level

Device Independent Extensive reach to all Internet-enabled devices (i.e., computers, tablets, smart phones)

By using a patented data matching process, which protects the privacy of the household while allowing the user-profile tied to a specific IP to be examined, we can match a client’s existing customer list (names, addresses, phone numbers) to IP addresses, thus allowing ad impressions specifically tailored to existing customer base.

*Requires customer address

ROI & Tracking

Match your previous customer’s physical address with specific IP’s and essentially pin point your target customers based on their actual location.

Match back consumer sales based on addresses post campaign and see the ROI. This requires addresses and minimum targeted impression volume.

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